Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter 9k

4 /5
birthday 30 November
eye color Grey
hair color Brown
height 188㎝ (6′ 2″)
weight 84㎏ (185lbs)
tattoos yes
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  • Trent Neumann
    from: United States
    Recently there was a program that I watched on cable called Miami Porn: Sex Work in the Sunshine State and my curiosity wouldn't allow me to let it slip by and not take a gander at it. As much as I love and take advantage of the accessibility of porn, I often find myself thinking about what life must be like for all the attractive and desirable models working in the field. I also am very concerned with the high risks that they many times endure and how they are treated as people. Well there is one ailment that I suffer with and I find it a daily struggle that I am dealing with, it's called JESSIE BLINDNESS! Yeah, I have a deep seeded hankering for Jessie Colter and I have had this for a long time! This man is so beautiful to me. For me, he is the most desirable hunk in this whole wide world! I feel like he and I are great friends. Whenever I view any type of porn, in my head, I have to associate it with Jessie Colter. Every fantasy I ever dream up involves Jessie Colter. He is the world to me! Anyway, I want to say needlessly that I was so happy when I saw Jessie on the show and found what he had to say about the models having to survive and make money, a very integral part of the program. He speaks so clearly and eloquently, I feel that he should've been given much more interview air time. As always, he looked great on camera. Couldn't help noticing that for one of his shots, they fuzzed out his "goodies" in an attempt to edit the program. I found that very disappointing of course. Jessie, as your biggest fan and admirer, I want you to know that you were great and as far as I am concerned, the program should have been all about The Average Day In The Life Of Jessie Colter! Call me crazy, call me obsessive, all I know and all you need to know is I LOVE JESSIE COLTER!
    18 April, 2018 - 12:04 AM
  • Lester Oliver
    from: United States
    Wow! After I read all this stuff with Jessie Colter on the brain, I have a hard on throbbing much more than morning wood! I believe that I'll place MY order for a Jessie Colter with a side of Brandon Jones and a tall Jackson Lawless to go, please. Thank you!
    23 March, 2018 - 12:03 AM
  • Bax Hartley
    from: United States
    I also like the idea of Jessie Colter being the victim in a rape seen on video. He is so steaming hot that it doesn't make any sense! The rape seen I want to see him in takes place after a baseball game. Jessie is one of the players on the loosing team. Jessie feels down as the entire team seems to dump their frustrations on him. He feels badly,because he was the last at bat in the final inning. The bases were loaded and Jessie struck out! The coach was the only person who didn't dump all over Jessie, in fact, the coach was very supportive and encouraging, trying to make Jessie feel more optimistic about the next game. The coach has already left and a handful of disappointed and disgruntled players are left in the locker room getting dressed. They are upset because the coach didn't share their same sentiments towards Jessie and how he didn't produce in the game where it really counted. They start questioning Jessie as to why wasn't the coach tough on him? They said that the Coach was easy on Jessie because he was sweet on him. They accused them of being lovers. One of those the players asked Jessie how did it feel to know that the coach will give him.special treatment as long as he continues to suck the coach's cock and bends over for the coach to fuck. One of them said that he saw the coach massage Jessie's thighs in the whirlpool bath. The guys don't let up and Jessie just wants it to be over with. He tries telling them that none of the things they are saying are true, but they don't pay attention to Jessie's explanations. As they are all beginning to leave the locker room and board the charter bus home, five of the players stay behind and manage to creep up on Jessie at the same time as a means of intimidation. They are saying inappropriate things and asking Jessie invasive questions like, " How far up your ass does Coach's dick goes when he fucks you the night before a game?" Then they are talking about hot hot Jessie is and how great looking his ass is. Jessie's very uncomfortable and tries leaving out in a hurry. The guys back Jessie into a corner and start fondling him. Jessie is shocked by all the hands palming his private parts and personal areas on his body. He starts to cry out when he feels a pair of huge masculine hands playing with his dick and some fat fingers forcing themselves inside his anal cavity. "Oh fellas, please.... NO!" They start getting rough and he is thrown up against the lockers and they start ripping and tearing away all articles of Jessie's clothes. Jessie screams, "COACH!! SAVE ME!! HELP!" One of the guys covers Jessie's mouth with one while ramming several fingers up Jessie's ass like a butt plug. Once Jessie is stark naked, the guys carry him high above their heads. He is tied to the weights machines and totally humiliated with flogging, spanking, fondling, pulling his hair to suck his neck and nibbling on his ears. He is later bent over and forced to suck dicks one at a time while his own ass is being tongue fucked,dildoed, and fisted. They are relentlessly abusing Jessie and repeatedly destroying his beautiful ass. He has been doubled penetrated by the two biggest dicks among the guys on the team. Jessie was screaming, unable to take more, to gag him, they stretched his throat by shoving more dick down his throat. They continued to pound away at his ass while he choked, gagged, and spit up semen from being forced to suck dick. When they finished fucking Jessie,,he was wrecked beyond recognition. He had cum all over his pretty face. Five guys worth of cum all over his rounded asslips plus the same amount of cum dripping from his anus. The poor kid was completely worn out! One if the guys had a foot fetish and fucked Jessie's feet and toes until even his feet were covered in cum.
    23 March, 2018 - 12:03 AM
  • Royce Cotton
    from: United States
    DAMN! That Jessie Colton is one of THE finest motherfuckers I have seen in a long ass time! Trust and believe cause I have seen a whole lot of fine ass motherfuckers in my time, but not very many of them get as fine as my man Jessie. He seems to be very real and down to earth. I'll tell you what, my hat goes off to him and not because he so damn fine. This motherfucker's actually PRETTY! Seriously, all bullshittng to the side, I respect him for his variation and flexibility as a porn star. This cat pretty much does it all and he ain't scared either. I love watching this dude and it doesn't matter what role he is playing in the video flick. He is always in 100%. Besides that, whenever he is the bottom in a scene, the guy who is actually fucking him doesn't have to worry about whether or not Jessie is being satisfied sexually. Hell, Jessie will let a cat know if he ain't bringing it! Jesse will let your ass know because he is completely vocal when he is getting fucked. You can tell when the shit us really getting good to him! It comes out in his deep seeded sexy groans and moans! I really likes that shit. When I am the one who is doing the fucking, that kinda shit turns me on and encourages me to lay some pipe like my life depends on it! Can't get enough of that Jessie, I wish I knew that cat personally. He seems like a friend who would be cool and a whole lot of fun to be around. I have seen him in so many different types of fuck situations in his flicks. There's a couple of things I have yet to see him do, and I am pretty sure that it is NOT because he is scared, but because the situation has yet to present itself. I am convinced that he can handle most anything you put before him. I haven't seen Jessie do any kind of rape scenes in flicks, nor have I seen him do gay chloroform sex. As a matter of fact, the two can be combined. I can see it now, Jessie is walking on his way to a wild sex party at a friend's house. It's out in the country so it's pretty secluded. He is walking through the path that leads to his friends back patio door. He ain't wearing nothing but a skimpy ass pair of bikini briefs that are a couple of sizes small on him so they are just hugging his fine sexy ass everywhere. They are so little, that if you glanced, you would swear up and down that he is wearing a thong. There is a perverted backwoods country ass sheriff who hasn't come out of the closet, so he over exaggerates the masculinity. He has a history of apprehending great looking guys and taking them to deserted areas to have his way with them. He has been watching Jessie for a long time and made a promise to himself that when the time was right, he would make o' fine ass Jessie his next victim. This night would be his window of opportunity. He creeps up in his law enforcement vehicle with no lights turned on. That way he can follow Jessie for a while before he stops him. Jessie is walking up the path with a quick pace and the sheriff is enjoying the view as he,watches Jessie's ass swaying side to side with that amped up pace. Sheriff already has a boner as he is creeping up behind him in the vehicle which is barely humming. He suddenly shines the search light and yelps the siren once. It startles Jessie for a quick moment. The officer orders him to stop and asks him what in the world he is wearing? Jessie explains very calmly what's going on, he has nothing to hide. The officer makes him stand in the assumed position facing the law enforcement vehicle. He starts to frisk Jessie, who is suspicious of the officer's motives. The officer started groping Jessie's ass and his dick. He then makes an inappropriate comment about how small the bikini briefs are on Jessie's beautiful ass. Then he says that he is going to take Jessie in for you indecent exposure. He suddenly sticks his fingers in the lower rear crotch of where the briefs were trapped inside the crack of Jessie's ass and just rips the bikini briefs off Jessie leaving him completely naked! Jessie starts to protest. The sheriff reaches around Jessie and chloroforms him until he faints right into the dirty cop's arms. He turns Jessie towards him and tosses him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He puts Jessie in the hatchback part of the vehicle and cuffs the ankles and the arms. He drives Jessie to the station and takes him down to the deserted, empty basement. When Jessie did come to, he discovered that he was bound and gagged to the maximum. He has been suspended from some contraptions that were permanently affixed to the walls and the ceiling. The basement of the station was actually a sex dungeon loaded with kinky toys and gadgets. The officer had a field day doing everything and anything to poor helpless Jessie. Jessie was fucked completely raw. His dick felt as though the skin was sucked right off! I would like to see this turned into a video. U have all the confidence that Jessie can handle it! Oh yeah, I heard about that vampire shit, too. Like the idea. If y'all do that to, Jessie would be a great candidate for an ass that the vampire will suck on! Hell, the vampire may just fall in love with Jessie. That would be believable far as I'm concerned.
    22 March, 2018 - 12:03 AM
  • Obba Mondo
    from: United States
    It is a terrific turn on for me to see Jessie Colter when he is naked and vulnerable while a muscle hunk is robbing him of his beautiful ass or eating his hole out. Whenever I see his exposed back side, I immediately am ready to fuck! I saw the BadPuppy flick where Diesel Washington completely had his way with poor helpless Jessie. Diesel ate all of the booty and there was nothing Jessie could do about it only to surrender! I love watching that. I want to see a clip where Jessie has been captured and is totally at the mercy of 2 or 3 powerful horny studs. Jessie is completely bound with his ass clothed in a tight pair of sexy briefs that look like they will burst open at any second. Jessie is wiggling and crying out for help!! Suddenly one of the muscle studs begin to eat right through the seat of Jessie's garment, making it break open and Jessie's hole is exposed and vulnerable. They eat it and eat it and Jessie can't take it! Then it becomes even more intense as one of the other men eat his cock while the ass is still being devoured. Jessie becomes a total slave and they continue to do whatever they want to him as he continues to beg for his freedom. Finally an enormous eruption of ejaculate knocks Jessie out cold, but these guys never let up. They show Jessie absolutely no mercy at all. The poor victimized guy, no one was around to rescue him!
    11 January, 2018 - 12:01 AM
  • Asher McMinnville
    from: United States
    When it comes to being on the receiving end of a sensuous pounding, Jessie Colter is a proven world class champion. I have seen him in so many different scenarios and each one I saw, I wanted to reach right into the screen, yank him out, and have him for myself. His ass is so damned beautiful, I just want to put my face in it. There is one type of scene that I have yet to see Jessie involved in. I would like to see Jessie in a rape scene where he is manhandled aggressively, chloroformed, tied up, and gagged so he is forced to keep quiet while being devoured and pounded into punishment until he sprays so much goo that he is delirious and helpless to a fault. I think that even this would challenge the captivating stud muffin for sure. It would definitely be a treat to watch!
    29 October, 2017 - 12:10 AM
  • Robert Geysers
    from: United States
    When is all this vampire stuff that I an hearing about going to take place? It all sounds like a pretty hot and satisfying subject matter, especially if Jessie Colter is one of vampire's sexy main courses waiting to be raped and ravished! For me, I think that nothing is hotter than seeing Jessie helpless and hearing him plead and moan while someone's doing sexual things to him!!! That's just about as good as having sex myself! It would be the best day of my life if I could meet him and spend a whole day doing whatever I wish with him. Definitely unforgettable! Something else that I would like to see regarding Jessie in the form of a sex fantasy video flick, would be Jessie being kidnapped by a posse of hunky, sexual deviants who hold him hostage and do whatever they want with him. They've managed to chloroform him, shove him in a utility vehicle, and take him off to some secluded hideaway. He has been blindfolded with his wrists bound together stretched above his head and suspended from the ceiling. All of his clothes have been either ripped or cut off his body. His legs have been spread very far apart and tied to stable posts opposite one another. While Jessie is in such a vulnerable position there is one member of the posse assigned to each one of his feet sucking, fucking, and worshipping the hell out of them. Another member of the posse banging his hungry ass with much more dick than he can stand, while still another member is sucking Jessie's dick and making him deliriously cum drunk. That's not all! There are still two more members of the posse on the left and right sides of Jessie's head. They are both nibbling on ears and sucking the hell out of his neck, to the point where he thinks he's being devoured by vampires! This would be so hot to watch not to mention reminiscent of an identical, personal experience I had about eight years ago! It was the most intense and totally out of control sexual encounters I ever had in my entire life and I have so wanted to revisit this episode yet again! While I highly doubt that I shall ever be so ravished this way again, I would absolutely adore and appreciate seeing this done to that extremely sexy Jessie Colter. When it happened to me, I actually fainted during a couple of orgasms. Perhaps this would happen to Jessie as well! Let's do this!
    21 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • David Faust
    from: United States
    In response to all the news surrounding a fresh gay vampire movie project, I am very excited about it especially if many of casting personnel suggestions are met! It's bound to be a big hit, perhaps an instant cult classic! My only request, which means the world to me, is that my favorite power bottom, Jessie Colter be a part of this special project of such great promise. I can see Jessie being out on a hot date with the vampire, who has been staking him out and studying him previously. Jessie, totally unaware that his new squeeze is the dark prince of the undead, is extremely horny and looking for to his beau fucking the hell out of his hungry and thirty bubble ass. At the close of the fun filled romantic evening, Jessie invites the his new friend in for a nightcap. Things heat up a bit between the two and Jessie anticipates getting his juicy ass slammed the whole night long! Things quickly change when Jessie is hypnotized by the vampire who enslaves him and eventually bends over, putting his exposed ass cheeks high in the air only to be completely devoured and ravished by the vampire who also milks tons of goo from the victim's cock at the same time. Jessie turns into a vampire! Please make that a part of the movie! I really look forward to seeing it happen.
    17 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • Dustin Bonaventure
    from: United States
    Jesse Colter has the power to turn the heads of both gay and straight men alike. Face it attractiveness is just what it is no matter the gender or sexual preference. A great looking ass wearing the right gear to accentuate it is just what it is as well. There is a Men On Edge video with Jessie walking on a treadmill. He is wearing a grey tank top and a pair of wine colored (maroon) workout shorts with a sexy snug fit. I just wanted to grab him right off the treadmill and eat his sexy ass up! Makes me want to hook up with Jessie in the worst way! He is actually a very pretty guy, and I am not being sarcastic. I have an idea for a video for Jessie Colter and I call it "CONFESSIONALS" and it's about this charismatic hustler that comes on the scene disguising himself as a man of the cloth. He has slowly set up a false front of a catholic church and has been gaining the trust of the community people. Incidently, he has set up his church next to the workout facility where Jessie Colter frequents. The fake priest has spotted out the sexy hunk on several occasions and has fallen hard for the stud's sex appeal. Over a course of time, the priest has charmed Jessie into yielding his trust to him such that Jessie has had a notion one day after working out, to go in for confession. He entered the fake catholic church and was looking for the confession booths. He had run in to someone who was just leaving confession and they lead Jessie to the booth. They looked suspiciously larger than the norm, he entered. As soon as Jessie entered he immediately noticed that it was set up more like a body massage parlor. He assumed that he was in the wrong place and turned around to leave. The exit was locked from the outside. Jessie was trapped inside and started staking out the room. He noticed a latticework window that slid open from the other side of the far wall. The priest was there, but Jessie could not see him, he only heard the familiar voice. Jessie stated his purpose for being there and the priest made him feel comfortable enough to talk. Jessie confesses his latest transgressions. The priest tells Jessie to get down on his knees and pray with no distractions or interruptions. Jessie does as he is told and while he is in the midst of his deeply silent prayer, the priest silently creeps through a secret panel in the wall without being noticed by Jessie. He comes up behind Jessie and grabs him in a wrestler's sleeper hold. As soon as Jessie is out like a light, the priest grabs a pair of shears and cuts off Jessie's clothes, carries his nude body to the massage table and ties him down to the the table and blindfolds him. Later, when Jessie awakens, he finds himself getting fucked up the ass and his mouth is covered by a big, masculine hand. His dick gets sucked and milked from the back, and after he cums, Jessie is getting fucked in the mouth and still unable to see his sexual aggressor. After the priest has had a long time to do any and everything he wanted to Jessie, he then took the time to see what all sex toys he could fit up Jessie's extremely hungry asshole. It all comes to an end when the priest has resorted to putting his fist and arm up Jessie's ass . Poor Jessie has been crying for help every chance he got, but to no success.
    16 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • Yale Funk
    from: United States
    Jessie Colter can take any number of inches damn near any stud can dish out. I did see some footage where Diesel Washington gave him a really good pounding that challenged him a bit. These two men had a remarkable chemistry between them. I want to see Jessie do a lot more work with Diesel Washington. I also want to see him take on Sam Swift and Barrett Long. How does a double penetration between any of the two colossuses I have named? Let's do this.
    8 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • Isadore Mooney
    from: United States
    Jessie Colter is as sexy as the they come. My god, his body is so tempting and hot, and that ass, man, it's just ridiculous! Makes no sense for a guy to wreak of that much sex appeal! I was looking at some flicks from the Men on Edge/Bound Gods series, and I saw you this one short that started off with Jessie walking on a treadmill. He was wearing a gray tank top and a really really short and cozy pair of cranberry colored shorts. Damnit, those shorts were hugging him in all the exactly perfect places and getting quite familiar with his ass crack! He stopped the treadmill and walked over to a toilet stall to get his bound sex prisoner out for torture. Call me crazy if you want to, but Jessie wearing them damn shorts should've been a sex video by itself. He turned me on so that I back played the beginning of that flick at least a dozen times before I let it play all the way through. I was already wacking away at my own cock from merely seeing Jessie in the shorts. I should be ashamed,but I enjoyed observing that fine ass hunk un the hip huggers much more than I enjoyed watching the prisoner get ravished while tied up. You'd probably label me a pervert if you knew how many times I have played that in my head. What I really have a craving to see is flick where Jessie is getting ready to finish his work out by briskly walking on the treadmill and two big athletic Ebony studs have walked in the weight room and are gazing at the Colter cutie as he is wearing a very revealing pair of shorts during his workout. The two guys ( Diesel Washington and Xl ) ease up on Jessie and grab him. Trying to kick free and escape with no success,Jessie is carried to a secluded area beyond the lockers. One of the Ebony predators holds Jessie down on his knees while the other aroused hunter ripped the cozy pair of shorts right off Jessie's perfect ass. While continuing to be held down, Jessie's ass is eaten out completely until it is saturated with saliva, as this went on Jessie could only moan and cry for help in vain. Both studs fucked him until he couldn't stand straight. As a matter of fact, Jessie had so much black dick impaling him that he was unable to walk afterwards. Xl and Diesel were thoroughly satisfied by the appetites of their dicks!
    7 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • Lee Springs
    from: United States
    Jessie Colter is the man! Jessie Colter is the body, Jessie Colter is the ultimate piece of ass that everyone wants. Even a couple of years back, when the Kentucky incident occurred at the water park, I can safely assess that the officer who had him to vacate the premises was merely suffering from the throbbing boner from hell! Truth be told, Jessie looked intoxicatingly sexy and very fuckable in that swim suit. The officer who was probably closeted, was quite miserable finding himself wanting that just as much as anyone else who happened to gaze upon Jessie's sexy presence. Knowing that he didn't have a chance with Jessie, the jealous prude had him to leave with an ultimatum. He may have felt like he won that battle, but Jessie will ALWAYS be a winner as far as I am concerned! Being the turn on that he is for me with that perfectly pouty ass of his, Jessie has admitted to enjoying a little domination. I want to challenge this gorgeous hunk to push the envelope as far left as he can with being the totally vulnerable submissive. I want to see Jessie grabbed and kidnapped raped, rimmed, and ravished savagely by a couple to no more than 4 sex starved horny hunks who keep him bound while they totally control him and force him to cum at their will. I recall sometime ago I read a suggestion for a sex flick that someone posted to Mr. Adam Killian about a supernatural creature living under the bowels of a workout gym. I think he called the monster a succubus? Anyway, it kidnaps the athletes while they shower after after a workout, and fucks them to death as they are kept in a sex dungeon with chains. Well, anyway, I love the idea, I think that it is super hot as hell, and if it is produced, Jessie has to be one of the sexy victims who falls prey to the virile sex predator. It would be so stimulating watching Jessie get raped by the creature!
    7 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • Ken
    from: United States
    Jessie is the Hottest Man I have Ever seen. Please tell me how I can contact him just to say Hi. Please. Ken
    25 June, 2016 - 12:06 AM