Micah Brandt

Micah Brandt 4k

3 /5
birthday 30 November
ethnicity Latin
eye color Blue
hair color Black
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  • Gent Fowler
    from: United States
    I don't think that there's a better submissive sport in the porn industry than Micah Brandt. He is the very reason I have developed sort of a thing for bondage. Micah has this way about himself where he makes it look so sexy and desirable. Also, he can be seen in so many different situations where he has been made a sex slave and bound to the point of helpless to where his aggressor just does what the hell he wants to poor, helpless Micah, who has no choice but to take his sexual punishments. I have seen him beg to be released, and begged to be fucked up the ass, whatever the situation is, he is 100% convincing. However, there are a couple of scenarios that I would like to see Micah Brandt cover in the game of bondage. Micah would be awesome in a kidnapping scene where he is overpowered, chloroformed, and ravished completely! Another one would be Micah being held as a hostage and his captors are finally unable to resist his hot little bronzed body and they can't help drilling and pounding away at their ransom merchandise! Finally, what I most definitely want to see is Micah in a gang rape scene similar to the scene done by Aarin Asker when he was raped in the gym by all the guys who were trying to get a workout in for the day. If he does the scene, I think he should be the only bronze butt cutie in a gym full of buffed Caucasian studs who are checking him out as he is making his way around the gym wearing the skimpiest, flimsiest , tiniest piece of exercise gear that the guys would have absolutely no problem ripping off Micah's hot, horny body. Of course he appears to resist, but doesn't do a very good job of it. Before he knows it, Micah is tied up and suspended in mid air with huge cocks filling in all of his orifices while his own cock is being sucked at the same time that both his feet are being sucked and fucked. The guys are nice enough to finally let him cum, but they still give him quite the intense facial that isn't just limited to his face! That would be so damn hot on the screen!
    22 April, 2018 - 12:04 AM
  • Devon Schropshire
    from: United States
    There are many aspects to Micah Brandt's sexiness in my opinion. He is obviously extremely good looking, he is very flexible as well as versatile in his intimate performances. He appears to be very willing to please his partners and is equally gratifying as a submissive. I can tell that he is the type of partner who would motivate me to give him my all and all to the very last drop. His remarkable bubble ass is absolutely my kryptonite!! I have an idea of a sexy porno scene that I would love to see him in. I would like to see Micah being kidnapped by a pair of athletic muscle bound hunks who carry him away to a hidden away place of mystery. They will tie Micah up and rip the clothes off his sexy body. Micah is eventually stripped down to a pair of extremely flimsy speedos. The two aggressively torture Micah with foreplay of very heavy petting, stroking, ass play, dick fondling, foot worship, and toe sucking to the point where he can't stand it and finds himself increasingly vulnerable. At this point, helpless Micah wants to be fucked to relieve his misery and suffering. Then, he is blindfolded and fondled even more. Finally one of the muscle bound rapists pulls apart Micah's flimsy tight Speedos and his round pulsating ass is fully exposed!! Instantly, they take turns tongue fucking the holy crap out of him until his hole is soaked and ready for throbbing swollen dick. The two violently drill him until he explodes all over himself and even ay that, the relentless duo never lets up. The pounding continues until Micah finally faints whole he is still in restraints. They unbound him, lay his body down and stroke him continually from head to toe.
    16 December, 2017 - 12:12 AM
  • Paul Leniear
    from: United States
    Micah Brandt is a pro because he knows what he has and how to use just enough to tease the audience to where they want more. He is also very aware of his assets,and knows how to use them. That is one reason why so much of Micah Brandt's work includes bondage, imprisonment, captives, sex slaves, and sexual prey. He has a certain marketable look that just makes you want to just take him sex him right up. It's an extra turn on to see him vulnerable and helpless while being sexually dominated. I know that Micah likes kink as do I. What I would like to see as a flick is a scenario where Micah is all set to go out on a date. He is dressed up nicely and has flowers and candy as gifts for his date. They are going to dinner and a show and to the House of Kink to culminate everything. A dirty, crooked, sexy cop stops him on the way preventing Micah from reaching his destination. The cop gives Micah a very difficult time and unnecessarily so. He makes Micah very uncomfortable and frightened of the officer who keeps groping grabbing and feeling all over the sexy man's body like he's entitled to it. Before it is all over with, the cop has ruined the floral arrangement, eaten the chocolates, and rummaged through all of Micah's personal affects. MICAH has been tied to a street light with twisty tied and all of his clothes have been cut right off of his body. He happens to be wearing an edible thong beneath his pants as requested by his date. When the officer sees that the hunk is wearing edible thong underwear,he has many intrusive questions for Micah to answer. The officer enjoys the awkwardness Micah is feeling and starts taking advantage of it. He hits Micah with a line of very involved questions that he has to answer carefully. When the cop doesn't like something that he hears, he fondles a different part of Micah's anatomy, including stealing kisses,sucking nipples, and licking ass cheeks. After a while, the officer just holds Micah's ass open and eats the thong right out of his ass while he's tied to the street light post. After that, Micah is raped and fucked, never getting to go on his date. When the police finish fucking Micah on the street, they take him to jail and lock him up just so they can fuck him whenever they want to, and he can't do anything about it!
    27 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Matt Springfield
    from: United States
    Micah Brandt is very appealing to me. I have found much joy and desire in his work. I have found myself many times wondering about his ethnicity. He has an exotic international look about him and I like the fact that his physical appearance keeps you in wonder. The first time I saw him years ago he was in a video where Zeb Atlas raped him in the bed of a red truck. I actually had mistaken Micah Brandt for Brandon Jones, another performer who I find extremely sexy. Later on I saw Micah Brandt and I thought that he was Arabic or Mediterranean. I have thought that he was a biracial African American, and even assumed that he was Portuguese or Latin. The fact is....it doesn't really matter! He is just a fucking sexy ass man who many desirable gay porn stars seem to love dominating. If only I were so lucky! I do have a craving to see Micah in a sex torture dungeon type of scenario where he is kidnapped and raped by Diesel Washington and Adam Killian. I would love to see these two powerful sex gods pounce all over a helpless Micah and torture him with everything from foot worship, to extreme ass play, edging, kink, and wild merciless fucking and a double penetration.Finally, I want these two gods to force Micah to cum against his will spewing a tremendously large and thick load of semen.
    9 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Derek Pitts
    from: United States
    Hey, there man. I like to watch you a bunch. I can look at you all day long, there is a special thing about you that make a bunch of guys want you. In so many videos with you, the guys always tie you up because they gotta have you , man. You got it like that! You are cute, sexy, and everything and you got a real good looking ass. If I saw you in real live situation, I think my hands would naturally go to your ass,it's a magnet and it's calling my name out.
    3 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Sid B.
    from: United States
    It such a tease for myself when I imagine just how fascinating it must be to get tongue happy while sunken in between your wonderful cake mounds and then being privileged enough to plug into your circuit! A tease for me because I shall never be so lucky. I do take pleasure in the gift of being able to watch you! Thanks!
    19 March, 2017 - 12:03 AM
  • Todd Smith
    from: United States
    Such an adorable cute guy. What a suckable dick. Such a fuckable ass. His overall scenery is more picturesque than any postcard I have ever seen. Micah Brandt has everything, including a face that I can gaze at all day long!
    19 March, 2017 - 12:03 AM
  • C.U. Grymes
    from: United States
    If I heard anyone using these descriptive words, boyishly handsome sexy bronzed little god,I would assume that they were speaking of Micah Brandt. If I could I would honor the little guy with a golden statuette sculpted to his likeness and accurately name it, The Micah! If Hollywood can award its celebrated performers with OSCAR, then the world of adult entertainment can award its celebrated craftsman with MICAH and the first one should be issued quite appropriately to Micah Brandt. He is such a great sport having braved so many situations where he was dominated,bound and ravished. Two of the most memorable clips for me was one where a Dom had Micah helplessly bound and was humping the poor vulnerable guy from the back. The aggressor was muffling Micah's moans ny covering his mouth with his big strong hands. The other scene involved double teaming action when the little guy was bound mercilessly while one guy was making a feast of Micah's exposed sexy feet while the other bearded red haired dom was jacking Micah's dick and getting prepped up to fuck Micah's juicy bubble ass. The two aggressors were obviously enjoying themselves at poor helpless Micah's expense. One thing for sure about the little guy, "He takes a licking and keeps on ticking!
    19 March, 2017 - 12:03 AM
  • Rex Seagers
    from: United States
    I really enjoy when they spoof a horror movie classic and make it into a gay adult film. Mr. Micah Brandt is an established pro when it comes to being the submissive,victimized,yet very desirable helpless sex partner. Because of that, I think he would be the perfect person cast in those types of gay sex flicks. I would like to see a gay vampire who hypnotizes his victims and they bend over in submission. The vampire then rips away their pants and underwear, exposing a succulent,juicy ass waiting to be taken. The vampire makes a feast of their ass by eating them out and fucking the hell out of the victim who then becomes a vampire himself. Micah Brandt is sexy and has a juicy enough ass,that he should be the first victim! Next they could spoof the creature from the black lagoon with the creature from the Bay Area. A scary reptilian,man creature with gills lives in a lagoon on the dark dismal side of Alcatraz Island. He tends to single out private yachts sailing the bay for pleasure. The creature's ammo is to creep up on unsuspecting bathers who of course are wearing next to nothing. The creature is attracted to beautiful gay men. The creature comes up behind his prey, and starts to fondle them and get them sexually aroused and frustrated because they don't know who's pursuing them, yet their bodies are ready to be submissive vessels of gratifying sex. Once the creature reveals himself, the victim sees a massive dick which is by far the hugest, girthiest appendage they've ever seen. The shock of such a sight makes them scream like the classic damsel in distress. The victim faints into the arms of the predator who carries them off to his den and finishes them off with wild, aggressive sex. He collects the bodies as trophies and uses them for masturbation visual aids and necrophilia. Micah Brandt happens to be the most object of desire to the horny, over endowed creature. Next the mummy of an old ancient Egyptian curse. A pharaoh from long ago had chosen a mate for his handsome prince who was heir to the throne. The prearranged marriage to the flawlessly beautiful princess insured that she would be the next queen. The prospective queen learned early to have eyes for the preselected prince,only one thing was wrong. The prince had no interest in women at all. Instead, he had eyes for the bronze skinned son of one of the palace servants. The two young men meet and fall in love. When it's time for the prince to marry the prechosen beautiful girl, he comes out to the present pharaoh, and queen,who are his parents. The pharaoh forbids such relationship and vows to destroy that forbidden love. The pharaoh poisons his son and cuts out his tongue in front of his sons gay lover.The prince is mummified and put in a sarcophagus. The heartbroken lover tries to join his prince in death, thus the curse takes place. Millions of years later, the mummy is brought to life. He spots Micah Brandt who looks exactly like his long lost lover from years before. Believing that Micah Brandt is the lover he coveted from millions of years ago, the mummy pursues Micah, captures him , bounds him and fucks him like crazy. Micah, who was originally terrified, later enjoyed being the mummy's sexual appetite. He falls in love with the mummy and learns of the curse. To break the curse , Micah has to join the mummy in death. He has to freely give himself to the mummy and anal sex will unite them forever and the two have to be mummified together into one mummy, preferably in the position where the prince is in mid penetration of his lovers anus. When that happens the curse is broken and their spirits are in harmony forever. Micah Brandt of course is the perfect bronzed specimen to be the love interest of the mummy.
    19 March, 2017 - 12:03 AM
  • Nasser Al-Moroqui
    from: United States
    Micah, you are the beautiful brown guy I am falling in love with for a few years of now. The first time I am seeing you in the Raging Stallion movie where you honest man and working hard at end of day. You taking supplies off your red truck and out comes the big scary guy who makes you to oral sex him,then he rapes you in the back of your red truck bed and the tailgate open. English not best for me so I wish you do know what I speak of. When I see that I was sex excitement,but a little I am afraid that man is hurting you. So much coughing you and choking and gagging up the semen from the big guy who rapes you. When I see this, I want to be there and saving you from him. I want to take you with me and loving you more gentle and more of caring. You are very beautiful and brown like people in my country. Next I want seeing you all times now! So much the different movies and so much my own fantasies. I let you know what professional you are actor. So much you are good because I always feel like to be your rescue man when so much guys tie you up and rape you. After a time I realize that this is a style of the sex much people like and is including myself! You have surprise for me and make me to know who myself is! You have teach me about myself and I must thank you so much! It is very importance that we can each learn who we are to be alive in the truth that makes us the individuals that we come to be. If I can meet you I must embrace you big hug for the gifts you give to me by your profession. I know who I am and I thank you sincerely. Many blessings and good wishes for you, my friend! So good, you never know how much the good influence you can put in others lives and not even know you are doing that. It's a great gift!
    11 March, 2017 - 12:03 AM
  • Joshua Collins
    from: United States
    I can't even count the number of times I have watched Micah Brandt in numerous aggressive sexual flicks as the helpless submissive. He is perfect in that type of role play. I find him to be an attractively stunning guy with the body to match and the perfect pair of cakes in his trunk which accentuates the entire package. He has an incredible body of work which is very stimulating and arousing to watch. Adding to his already impressive resume of bound and gagged sexual escapades, I would just really enjoy seeing him in a scene where a gorgeous hunk of a muscle bound sexual predator chloroforms Micah and kidnaps him. The prep ties and gags him and rapes him, ripping off every stitch of clothing he is wearing. Micah, who finds himself completely vulnerable and his juicy, bubble ass is exposed and ready for attack. There's nothing he can do to escape and the gorgeous predator just devours Brandt from head to toe with several pit stops at the little guys tender, succulent ass. Micah is definitely the best for this role and has proven several times over that he can handle it.
    6 March, 2017 - 12:03 AM
  • davin webb
    from: United States
    Micah Brandt has a gorgeously bronzed butt! I could just eat it Il! It would be great to see him and his squeezable ass in a rape scene with that well endowed muscular god, the phenomenal Diesel Washington attacking him, eating, and pounding away on that succulent ass! Of course I visualize Micah helplessly trapped, pleading and moaning for him to stop and let him go. BOY!!!! It excites me to extremes to think about it!!!! Make that one happen...QUICKLY!!!!!!
    17 February, 2017 - 12:02 AM