Sam Swift

Sam Swift 4k

4.4 /5
birthday 30 November
ethnicity Caucasian
eye color Brown
tattoos yes
piercing yes
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  • David Helton
    from: United States
    I really admire the way you handle yourself in the bedroom. You're very cool, but you keep it real and you give it all the bang you got! Not to mention that you have a big ass dick! Bigger than the shoe size of a lot of people. I don't think that I could be nearly as cool as you are if I was equally endowed as you are. There are two guys that I really want to see you seriously smash and they are Aarin Asker and Jackson Lawless. BOTH guys are power bottoms who absolutely love to get fucked and I know that you would have a great time fucking them. I know that I want to see it on video!
    28 March, 2018 - 12:03 AM
  • Zeph Stone
    from: United States
    I feel like Sam Swift and I know each other. I have really liked viewing his portfolio of sexcapades for the past 3 or 4 years. And yeah, the first thing on him to get my attention was, of course, that big ass dong of his! I am very active, but I never claim to be the best lay, but my confidence is a lot better these days as I am not as nervous as I use to be when I meet new guys. I am even much more comfortable about sex and performing efficiently as a top. I'll be the first to tell anyone that I have taken pointers from my best friend and idol, Sam Swift. Sam Swift is the reason for my boost in confidence, I consider him my mentor. Most of what I know and do in the bedroom, I learned by watching Sam ! I want to personally thank him one day in the future. I have seen most of his work if not all. Still, to this very day, one of my favorites is when Sam is a Plummer on duty and Damian Brooks calls him for service. Sam comes over and while he is fixing the sink, Damian boldly starts parading around in some little bitty ass draws that ain't got no business trying to hold in THAT much ass! Damian acted like it was just as normal as a person having to drink water to survive. Sam was shocked to see that behavior appearing to be so ordinary, but he never lost his cool,but Sam definitely grabbed the little guy and fucked ALL OF that great big ass and STILL fixed the sink! Love it, love it, love it! I always smile when I watch it. Speaking of smiles, I have noticed that Sam is smiling more in his latest works and photos. There appears to be a change in him and it shows in his pictures. He seems more relaxed and spiritually centered. There is a very attractive glow about him and it is actually making him look pretty and quite boyish. Whatever he is doing differently, it agrees with him and he should be encouraged to keep it up.
    23 March, 2018 - 12:03 AM
  • Jim Burns
    from: United States
    Sam Swift is all about a good party and BANG UP PERFECT fuck. This well endowed master is no stranger to hungry cock eating assholes. I think that a perfect one on one sex attack is long overdue between Sam Swift and major party boy Jackson Lawless! I can see it as early as tomorrow morning Sam Swift getting up with a boner as big as a Cadillac Escalade. He walks into the bathroom to shower , only Jackson Lawless has the bathroom occupied, but not locked. When Sam Swift walks in, the first thing he sees is Jackson's pretty , wet, famished ass yearning for some dick. Jackson has just gotten out of the shower and is bending over drying his feet thoroughly, which happens to be the perfect position for Jackson to get fucked up the ass! He is unaware that Sam has entered the bathroom. With gracefully masculine agility, Sam eases up behind Jackson and firmly palms both of Jackson's rounded ass cheeks and drills his long wet warm tongue straight up Jackson's asshole and relentlessly tongue fucks the hell out of his victim. The surprisingly unexpected sensation instantly overwhelms Jackson Lawless as he finds himself totally submitting to this rape attack! Once Sam has soaked Jackson's hungry hole, Sam buries his swollen cock deeply into all that ass! Jackson starts to turn into Sam's punk bitch! Jackson's moaning and groaning in the deepest ecstasy as his voice reaches an unrecognizable octave. Sam is giving to him hard and and Jackson is constantly begging and pleading for more. He begs Sam to never stop, while offering to be Sam's bitch! Sam pounds away at Jackson, changing positions several times and this is kept up until Jackson squirts a river of white milky cum all over the place. I am already visualizing this. It needs to be put to film for all to enjoy viewing on the screen. DELICIOUS!
    7 June, 2017 - 12:06 AM
  • Sanger Quattlebaum
    from: United States
    I am seeing Sam Swift in my mind as an electrician coming to serve Armond Rizzo, who happens to be the newest tenant to move into the Carrington Towers Apartment Homes complex. Lots of the existing tenants are available singles who have already positioned their radar detectors on the boyishly cute new tenant. He has turned the heads of every resident there as he moved into his apartment on the fifteenth floor. Armond was very proud of the apartment he was getting ready to call home. He was especially proud of the picturesque view of the river from his double entrance patio terrace. As he was moving in, he couldn't help noticing a good looking rugged man with tattoos. The man worked in the building and was wearing coveralls and introduced himself as Sam. Armond locked eyes with handsome stud and really liked what he had seen. He remembered Sam telling him to call his office if he needed any assistance with settling in. Later that evening, Armond was trying to get his bedroom furniture arranged. He had matching night stands on either side of the bed as well as matching lamps. Armond was unable to get the electrical outlet to work for the lamps. Armond calls up Sam who is well equipped to handle the problem. Sam goes to change into something that gets the point across right away. The electric outlet in the bedroom wasn't the only circuit Armond wanted to have checked out. He was hoping that Sam would plug into him before leaving the apartment. Armond put on a fishnet tank top and a matching jock strap that accentuated his tight pouty ass. When Sam arrived in the apartment, he knew what was up right away by the way Armond was dressed. He was very chummy and flirty with Sam as he demonstrated how the plug didn't turn on the lamps. He very specifically remembered to tell Sam that when he finished, there was another plug in for Sam to check out and Armond would have to show him. Sam is working on the circuit and suddenly finds a hand that isn't his own, taking his dick out of his pants! Before Sam could finish saying "What the fuck!?" Armond had to the electrician's oversized dick in his mouth chomping away. "Oh my god, that feels so fucking GREAT!!!" Sam exclaimed. Armond performed the oral sex as though he was on a mission determined to please. Sam,although challenged, remains focused on his work and manages to complete the task of fixing the outlet. Armond looks longingly at Sam who can tell that the youngster is craving for dick to invade his ass. "Let me show you the other plugin that needs attention." He gets into his bed on hands and knees and lowers his upper body to where his ass is straight up in the air,"Please come take a look at it. I really need your help, kind sir." Sam walks right over and immediately starts tossing salad and Armond has immediately lost control moaning, trembling, and screaming! Sam likes this, because he knows it's going to be very intense and expressive. Armond starts to squirm a little and Sam is really turned on. He aggressively attacks Armond's ass with his capable mouth and tongue fucks the youngster who is spewing his goo all over the place like a high pressured running water hose with no one controlling it. "OH MY GOD! IT'S YOURS! PLEASE TAKE IT, DADDY! I'M ALL YOURS,DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ME! OH JUST FUCK ME,FUCK ME,FUCK ME!!! PLEASE!!!" Sam had a wonderful time tongue fucking the active lad who had cum without being jacked by hand. All that was from Sam's powerful tongue and Armond's ripened asshole that itches for dick. Of course, by now, Armond's ass is soaked and ready for cock. Sam fucked Armond in a way he had never been fucked. Intense sensations overruled the active body of the fit young lad,"IT'S YOURS,DADDY! IT'S YOUR ASS!! HAVE IT,PLEASE TAKE IT!! IT'S YOURS!!! OOOOOOOO MY GOD!!!" When that wonderful sexcapade was over with, Armond had fallen hard for Sam. He didn't want to see anyone but Sam and wanted exclusivity with him. He only hoped that Sam felt the same about him. One thing for sure, Sam enjoyed tapping that ass!!!!
    1 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • Holt Yolykyfy
    from: United States
    Sam Swift is a cool stud who never has to worry about getting some ass to sink his dick into! I would like to see Sam pose as a doctor for Pierre Fitch, who is getting a physical exam. When Sam has to check Pierre for a hernia and he gets Pierre to turn his head and cough, he notices Pierre getting an erection. Sam then tells Pierre to lie back on the table and say ah! Sam straddles Pierre's face and fucks the patient in the mouth. After that, it's time for prostate exam ! While checking out the prostate, Sam gets carried away finger fucking Pierre, who is loving it and getting turned up! After finger fucking, Sam gets Pierre nice and moist by eating out the booty! Tastes sweet, Sam exclaims while getting his dick ready to take the plunge. He ends up fucking Pierre so very intensely that he forgot his next three appointments. In fact, Pierre had to be taken to Orthopedics where Sam got second helpings of the dashing young hunk of man!
    1 May, 2017 - 12:05 AM
  • Tristan Thrift -Dugas
    from: United States
    What's up, Sam besides that beastly dick of yours? You do a banging ass job in all your work, no pun intended LOL! I am pretty sure that you have a calling card full of other guys' names who are hungry,greedy bottoms and are dying to work on a project with the likes of you fucking the holy hell out of them till they can't hardly walk. I have a few hungry bottom studs I like seeing get pounded and I am wondering if you think you might be doing something with them soon: Adam Killian? Micah Brandt? Aarin Asker? Jackson Lawless? If not, I do hope that you at least give it some considerable thought. I have no doubt that you can rock their worlds and turn them a good way. Best wishes to you and in the meantime, I'll continue being your biggest fan surfing for all of your latest feats. Sincere thanks my man!
    18 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • E. MacIntyre
    from: United States
    I just saw a piece where you was a plummer and little Damian Brooks had called for assistance. You arrived and he told you about the sink that needed work. You started working and Lil' Man went in back and changed clothes. BAM!! Damian Brooks was wearing a jock that may have been a bit too small. Boy! He couldn't have been any louder asking for that big ass dick of yours. Personally, I was wondering how such a small guy could pack so much hungry bubble ass in such a snug jock!? Well you knew what was up and you tore up that innocent little man's ass hole!! High five on that, bro. I have seen you in other stuff and seems like you may have shown the little guy just an ounce of mercy by holding back a bit. I guess I want to say that I really enjoyed that a lot and have a couple words to advice in the event you see the little guy again, "Man, knock the bottom out of it! You fuck all of that ass until Damian can't walk straight!" So sure that he will love it. Punish him for trying to tease the big dogs! I swear, don't make no sense for a little guy to packing that much ass.
    1 April, 2017 - 12:04 AM
  • Kevin Spillers
    from: United States
    Sam, I have been watching your career rather consistently over the years. I know that you are primarily a dominant top. I have to admit that I saw you on the rare occasion in which you were a submissive bottom and I think that you were HOT! I know that you may never try it again, but I think you should know that you are quite desirable as a bottom and you shouldn't be ashamed or uncomfortable. Your ass is just as beautiful as your big dick. I am flexible, I go either way, but if I were to choose, bottoming out would be my ultimate choice. There's something very sexy in being at the passionate mercy of someone else,someone who can do anything they want to you in your sexually vulnerable state. I have had many fantasies of you jumping me in a deserted alley or locker room.You always rough me up, bound and gag me, and just hump the shit out of me until I faint from having cum so damn much! You know that is nothing but a fantasy, because that ain't even your ammo to be aggressive to that level. Although I think that it would be an exciting switch to see you in such fashion. I want to see you as a roughhousing predatory thug who kidnaps and chloroforms Scott Alexander and Johnny V. I want to see you bound and gag these two men and fuck them showing no mercy at all. I think that would be hot and both performers would probably be in love with that big ass dick of yours!
    31 March, 2017 - 12:03 AM