Scarlett Pain

Scarlett Pain 3k

3.6 /5
age 36
birthday 18 December, 1981
other names Tat Queen, Melissa Punk, Suicide Scarlett, Zoe Fire, Atomic Scarrlett
ethnicity Caucasian
birthplace Bayside, Michigan, United States
eye color Brown
hair color Red
height 157㎝ (5′ 2″)
weight 51㎏ (112lbs)
measurements 34C-26-36
US shoes size 7
tattoos yes
Pistol pointing to her clit on lower stomach, as well as a flower;
right wrist and shoulder;
Sleeve on left arm;
tribal on small of back;
Jessica Rabbit on outer right calf
piercing yes
Big plugs in her stretched earlobes;
numerous helix piercings;
two labrets on her lower lips;
each nostril pierced;
one tongue;
one piercing in each nipple;
one piercing on her upper navel
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