Andy San Dimas

Andy San Dimas 5.0k

3.4 /5
age 32
birthday 3 October, 1986
other names Andie San Dimas, Andi Crush, Rock Christina, Inked Andi, Andi Love, Andy Sandimas, Becky Black
ethnicity Caucasian
birthplace Baltimore, Maryland, United States
eye color Hazel
hair color Black
height 167㎝ (5′ 6″)
weight 56㎏ (123lbs)
measurements 34C-25-34
US shoes size 7
tattoos yes
Bird on left hip;
bird on right hip;
3 small tattoos on leftforearm;
"301" on left wrist
piercing yes
Left upper lip (monroe);
both nostrils
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