Kathia Nobili

Kathia Nobili 3.8k

3.9 /5
age 41
birthday 21 June, 1982
other names Caty Combell, Kathy Campbel, Katy Cambel, Cathy Cambell, Katia Nobili, Kathia Nobili, Katia Campbell, Caty Campbell, Caty Campbel, Katty Campbell
ethnicity Caucasian
birthplace Czech Republic, Prague
eye color Grey
hair color Blonde
height 163㎝ (5′ 4″)
weight 65㎏ (143lbs)
measurements 34B-25-36
tattoos yes
Small of back.
Small tribal on right shoulder blade.
The lower abdomen.
Small dragon above left ankle
piercing yes
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  • daniel higins
    from: United States

    kathia nobilli,nice vagina.